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Interview: The Book Show

The Book Show, RTE Radio 1, 22 February 2014

Christoper Isherwood’s book A Single Man is 50 years old this year and it was one of the first gay themed novels I ever read. I was a guest on RTE’s The Book Show to discuss the book and its impact on me.

Isherwood is probably better known to a wider audience as the author/principal character in the film Cabaret and the novel A Single Man was adapted by Tom Ford in a visually stunning directorial debut. However, Isherwood was a pioneer of  the gay literature genre, whose thoughts and observations were often ahead of his time. His work placed gay men  centre-stage as fully formed protagonists facing universal themes of loss, grief and isolation. This was a revelation to me and led me to explore other authors who were documenting the gay experince (e.g. James Baldwin,  Armistead Maupin).  I re-read A Single Man to prepare for this interview and found it just as moving as it was back then.

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